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It’s time to take back ownership of our relationships.

Our relationships with friends, family and communities are what matters the most. More than coins. More than NFTs.

Yet, we do not own our relationships anymore. Companies do. Whatsapp, Telegram, Google, Snapchat, Twitter - they own our digital relationships.

They can block you, censor you, know who you’re talking to. And most importantly, they don’t allow you to leave freely. You can’t take your Twitter DMs to a new app that you prefer, you can’t start a conversation on Instagram and continue on Whatsapp. You should be in charge.

We’re trying to fix this, for good. It’s (very) hard and we won’t do it alone. We’re part of a movement of builders who want to put you back at the center. If we succeed, we will all gain social freedom and a much better experience. That’s worth the try!

If you choose to use our messaging app, you will own your conversations thanks to the XMTP protocol that is encrypted, decentralized and interoperable.

There are a few hundred people using Converse today. You are our top priority and we’ll keep shipping to help you create and nurture relationships that you truly own.

Pol & Noé, cofounders at Converse